Release Date: 1-12-2017

About Album

In 2020, the band is once again ready with a new full-length album, titled “DUALITY”. Following a period of creative experimentation within the band, DUALITY features an authentic mix of metal with attitude and powerful songwriting, whilst also exploring a more atmospheric and dynamic side of the bands sound. DUALITY is set to be released in the fall of 2020, and the band is posed to continue their advance onto the international metal stage, backed by international partners such as Swedish record label BLACK LODGE RECORDS, danish PR- and record label Prime Collective, Japanese & Korean record label Avalon Sound as well as German booking agency DRAGON PRODUCTIONS.


1. Rings of Saturn 5:41
2. The Uninvited 5:00
3. Rise 2:56
4. Paradigm of Deceit 3:26
5. All For You 3:04
6. Untamed 3:52
7. Condemned 5:07
8. Bed of Nails 4:02
9. Washed Away 4:45
10. Tempest 5:24
11. Don't Say Goodbye 4:16

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