the group defecto


DEFECTO was formed in 2011 in suburban Copenhagen when singer, guitarist and frontman Nicklas Sonne was approached by the legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Blind Guardian) after hearing Sonne's music. Fueled by a desire to help Sonne record and release his material, they contacted childhood friend and lead guitarist, Frederik Møller, as well as bass-player Thomas Bartholin and drummer Lars Jensen in order to create a band that could match Sonne's unique potential.

Already from the beginning, DEFECTO's particular brand of melodic and virtuoso metal has been creating a buzz in the Danish metal scene. Released in 2012, their debut EP "Defecto" brought them into the attention of the Danish media, and they were named "Best Metal Band 2012" by Underground Music Awards.
The recent release of DEFECTO's debut album "Excluded" in march 2016 was met with much attention and appraisal throughout the European metal scene, creating a dedicated following for the band and leading to a considerable breakthrough especially in the Danish metal scene. Apart from playing an almost sold out Danish tour in support of Excluded, DEFECTO played at prestigious festival COPENHELL in 2016 and opened for mighty Metallica in February 2017.

As the new album is being finished, the band looks to the future. DEFECTO have their sights set on Europe and the rest of the world, and is looking to start a partnership with a competent record label.

For DEFECTO's upcoming sophomore album, the musical mission is to create songs that have an instant impact on the listener, with a focus on simply writing great songs that break down musical barriers instead of trying to fit into a certain sound.
The result is unlike anything else found in the Danish metal scene. Think a mix between the classic Metallica and modern sound and melodies of Trivium Avenged Sevenfold, thrown in with the instrumental intricacies and symphonic elements of Symphony X. Add the vocal prowess of Russel Allan, James Hetfield and Mikael Åkerfeldt into one singer, and what you've got is an epic combo of melodic and catchy, grandiose and technical, yet crushingly heavy metal that is DEFECTO.

As with their first album, the upcoming album is once again produced and engineered by Nicklas Sonne in his own studio in Copenhagen.